The Gibson MiniPin

The Gibson MiniPin is for playing games. It is a UNIQUE DIGITAL PINBALL MACHINE that’s incredibly fun!  

 The MiniPin is compact and fits in any room. It uses your own iPad and works with all pinball apps. So there is a lot of choice. Simply slide in your iPad and play pinball. 

Easy to use, affordable and a lot of fun!

We are preparing for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign 2024. Don’t miss the start where you can get this MiniPin at a discount!

Get that pinball feeling

Playing pinball by tapping on a game controller or keyboard is no fun. Playing on the MiniPin is different. Place your hands on the steel lockbar. Pull the plunger to launch, push the cabinet to nudge, smash the buttons to save the ball…

As you can imagine, playing like this feels great!

Click the youtube icon at the bottom for more videos and demo of the MiniPin.

Some examples

Some examples with artwork based on real pinball machines. These are only meant to show how the MiniPin might look. Depending on interest we will secure copyrights. 

Medieval Madness

Black Hole

Jacks Open

If you need more: MiniPin works with your PC as well!

The MiniPin as a small pinball machine is really nice and our primary goal. But now it’s truly universal. When you select a different mode the MiniPin functions as a wireless pinball controller for your PC. Everything works: Plunger, flipperbuttons, nudging. Check out the video!

Not just for the mancave

Playing on the MiniPin is simply fun. But it’s also great for having a break while working from home or relax after a day of hard work. Go for that highscore! In your home office, the livingroom  the gameroom, your mancave…

Affordable pinball fun for everybody.

Virtual Pinball machines are great. But also big and expensive. You need room, money, technical knowledge… 

The MiniPin is different. It’s easy to use, affordable and fits just anywhere.The ‘ just grab and go‘ pinball machine. Going for a game of pinball fun is easier than ever!

Inside the MiniPin are our unique custom electronics and software. Because of this the MiniPin can use your own iPad and have things like a real plunger, nudging, light effects and more. And play every pinball app in the appstore. Zen, Williams, The Pinball Arcade, Zaccaria. There is nothing like it in the world!  

The MiniPin was born out of our passion for pinball. We have been working really hard on the design and technical solutions, and now we are ready to launch it. We are preparing for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign 2024. If you like a great game, if you want to have something unique and really fun, if you want to use your iPad to the max…… then follow our project and support the upcoming Kickstarter! 


Ben Voors

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