Gibson Pinball Controller The best way to enjoy digital pinball

easy, affordable and incredibly fun

The Gibson Pinball Controller

The Gibson Pinball force feedback controller makes playing digital pinball incredibly fun. Pull the plunger, slap the buttons and nudge the controller to save the ball. And… feel the vibrations when the ball hits bumpers and slingshots. Just like the real thing. Finally, at your own home!!!

 The controller is compact and fits any desk. It is plug & play and works with all pinball apps. Simply connect it to your PC and start playing!

We are preparing for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign early 2024. Don’t miss the start where you can get this controller at a discount!

great design

After many tests we have optimized the design. Small enough to fit on any desk or place it comfortably on your lap. Wide enough to comfortably rest your hands on the lockbar and reach all the buttons. 

Plug & play

Nobody likes to fiddle. So we designed the controller as Plug & play. Just connect the controller  to your computer and start playing. This is a truly unique feature. It works with all pinball software like pinball FX/FX3, VPX, Zaccaria, Timeshock, The pinball Arcade and Xenotilt.

Feel it vibrate

For this controller we designed unique force feedback. Now you not only hear the flippers when pressing the buttons but feel them as well. And feel  hefty ‘thunks’ when the ball hits bumpers and slingshots. Just like a real pinball machine. Believe us, it feels fantastic!

Shoot the ball

Use the plunger or launchbutton to make precise skillshots. Feeling the force feedback of an expanding and vibrating spring makes it even come more alive!

Nudge the ball

Save the ball from draining  by pushing and slapping the controller and beat the competition. But don’t tilt it!

Play in VR

We designed the controller for desktop use and VR. Using the controller behind a screen is fantastic. Playing in VR even more so. All controls are intuitive and with the force feedback you completely immerse yourself in the game!!


Play while standing. Or seated. Or with the controller in your lap. Easily change digital settings of button use, force feedback and more. Add your own graphics or choose one of our designs. Expandable for the future. Sturdy enough to last many years.  Yes, this really is a labour of love. We designed something we want to use ourselves.





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