The Gibson MiniPin

The Gibson MiniPin is a small VIRTUAL PINBALL MACHINE that fits in any room.  It uses your own iPad and plays all pinball apps. Simply slide in your iPad and have FUN!  Easy to use, affordable and looks great.

Get that pinball feeling

Yes, you can play pinball on your iPad or computer. But tapping on a controller, a keyboard or an iPad screen is no fun at all. Playing on the MiniPin is different. You can pull the plunger to launch the ball, smash the buttons during multiball and push the cabinet to nudge. And that feels fantastic!  Now you really want that highscore!



Test with legs and AFM themed art

Affordable pinball fun for everybody.

Virtual Pinball machines are great. But also big and expensive. You need room, money, technical knowledge… 

The MiniPin is different. It’s easy to use, affordable and fits just anywhere. Going for a game of pinball fun is easier than ever!

Inside the MiniPin are the unique custom electronics and software that I designed. Because of this the MiniPin can use your own iPad and have things like a real plunger and nudging. And play every pinball app in the appstore. Zen, Williams, The Pinball Arcade, Zaccaria…This is not only fantastic but also unique: there is nothing like it in the world!  

The MiniPin was born out of my passion for pinball. I have been working really hard on the design and technical solutions, and now I am ready to launch it. I am preparing for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in spring of 2022.

If you like a great game, if you want to have something unique and really fun, if you want to use your iPad to the max…… then follow my project and support the upcoming Kickstarter! 


Ben Voors

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