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MiniPin is a unique digital pinball machine that I have designed and still work on. Now you can enjoy pinball without spending thousands of dollars and sacrifice lots of space.  In spring 2022 I plan to launch a crowdfunding campaign.  

Pinball. Anytime...Anywhere...

I really like pinball and own a machine myself. Yet as fun as this one is, it is quite big and expensive and needs a lot of maintenance. Enter the modern age and digital pinball machines where a computer screen replaces the playfield. Through software you can play many different tables. Okay, great I thought. But the machines that were available were still big and expensive. And the ‘feeling’. wasn’t always there. Not due to the software but to the cabinet itself, the hardware part. It mostly felt like an engineer put something technical together without understanding design. Or sometimes the other way around, like a designer did the job without understanding all the -uninteresting yet necessary- technical aspects. Okay for diehards but not really suited for the average pinball lover.

I decided to change this. I already played pinball on my iPad. It has a great glossy display, smooth gameplay and starts quickly. Ideal for playing pinball in my room. It would be great if I could build a small pinball machine around it. That way it would be affordable and I could put it everywhere. And so the MiniPin was born. Now after more than two years and many technical hurdles the prototype is ready. A unique digital pinball machine that uses your iPad. It’s a bit like having dozens of pinball machines in your house at a fraction of the cost! It looks great, plays great and works right out of the box. And for specialists like me there is room to tweak and change things and work with the digital pinball community on this. I will update this page regularly with new information.


Slide your iPad in, switch it on and you're ready to go.


Doesn't take up much space and can easily be stored. Take it with you to your friends, to the office, to a party...


MiniPin uses that iPad you already have.

lasting fun

With so many tables to choose from prepare for hours and hours of fun.

for everyone

Have fun on your own. Or play with friends. Everybody loves pinball

with that fantastic feeling!

Pull the plunger, smash the buttons, slam the cabinet to save the ball. The Minipin can take it all. Playing on the Minipin is simply so much fun! 

MiniPin works with all the major apps

The MiniPin is Ideal to play a just a few rounds to relax from work. I myself certainly do. And now with the remote work more than ever!  But it’s also great to spend time with the kids or have evenings of fun with your friends. From original 60’s machines to completely new Star Wars tables there are many tables to choose from.



The backglass image can easily be changed. Inside the MiniPin there are the custom electronics and software that form the hart of the MiniPin. Several settings can be changed to your own taste.  I will continue to work on the software and it can be wirelessly updated. 


Spring 2022

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